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About "Galene"



When we bought our Finnsailer 35 in April 2018, it bore the name of the former owner's wife.

We had no intent to keep that name, since we had no relation to it, so we had to find a new name, which turned out not to be that easy.

We had many names up for discussion, and eventually ended up with the slightly special name, "Galene".


What, or who is Galene?

Most people will think it is one of the composed names that many boats in Denmark have, where a few letters from e.g. each child in the family is used to form more or less oral names.

We discussed that too, but dropped the thought again.

So there had to be further thinking.


We came up with the name Galene when we went through various Greek gods and goddesses.

Galene is one of the lesser known Greek goddesses. She is the goddess of the calm sea.

According to the Greek poet Hesiod (ca. 750-650 BC), she is one of the Nereids, who are 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris.


The daughters are sea nymphs, and are often seen in the company of Poseidon, the god of the sea. The harbor nymphs are friendly and helpful to sailors. Galene written in Greek; 


Galene - Goddess of the calm seas.png
2021-03-26 23_05_42-Special Offer Crosse
2021-03-26 23_06_15-Pins Greece-Denmark
I made new nameboards out of mahogany, to be mounted in the spring of 2021. The first ones made in 2019 out of glulam of oak, split, due to wrong glue used to laminate the oak. The new ones are made of solid mahogany. I used a router to cut the name into the wood. Finally multiple coats of varnish were applied. The nameboards will be mounted with Sikaflex and stainless screws on the outside of the wheelhouse.
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