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The Evil Greek Eye


Below the name Galene, written in white on the navy blue ribbon, in the bow, sits on the freeboard a self-designed Evil Greek Eye (by the Egyptians called Horus´ eye). Horus is a falcon.


Although the common assumption is that it is an Egyptian icon, the historical facts are that the Romans and Greeks used this eye as protection against evil spirits / eyes  much earlier than the Egyptians. In fact, about 2500 years earlier - 5000 years BC.


Nevertheless, we have combined the traditional Horus eye with the Greek colors in the traditional Greek eye. It looks like this:

The mark, which sits in the bow, is 42 cm high and 58 cm long. The dark blue circle in the eye is 10 cm in diameter.


The symbolism of the colored part:

The outer dark blue ring symbolizes good karma, positive energy - and protects and reflects evil spirits and eyes. The inner light blue ring is the color of the sky, which symbolizes the truth, and therefore bribes directly against evil eyes.

The symbolism of the black part (Horus eye):

The eye on the starboard side is Horus' right eye, which relates to the sun god RA - it is the masculine side.

Ra was the chief judge. He was born of his mother Nut, every morning - as an adult, and sailed across the sky in a boat for 12 hours, to go down on the other side of the earth, where his mother stood ready and swallowed him, to give birth to him again the next morning - that's how it went year in and year out.


The eye on the port side is Horus' left eye, which relates to the moon god Thoth - it is the feminine side.

Thoth was significant to those who tried to prove their innocence, and ruled via magic formulas over both nature and the other gods.


The name decals of Galene, including the home port name, Gyldendal, are made by Skive Tryk.

I designed the Evil Greek Eye myself, and it was printed by in Skals, Denmark.

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