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Boatworks & Upgrades

On these pages, you´ll find some of the works and upgrades we´ve done to our Finnsailer 35 - we are doing everything ourselves - so sometimes it takes a little longer to finish, than it would take a professional boat mechanic.
Then again - most people can do most jobs on a boat with simple tools.
What you definately needs in your toolbox, you see on the photo under this text.
Here are the instructions for the simple tools:
- If it doesn´t move, but it should - - - - use WD 40
- It it moves, but it shouldn´t - - - - use duct tape
- When nothing works - - - - hit it with a hammer
Thats how easy it is :-) Have fun DIY.
2021-03-25 21_58_21-Spare Parts Suggesti
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