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Dolphin Encounter


3 - 6 - 2020 in Venø Bay

On the 2. of June 2020 we left Gyldendal Harbour in Venø Bay, at around 0915, for a 10 day cruise in the Limfjord area.

Weather was just beautiful and the sea dead calm. After 20 minutes cruising, at around 5 knots, we discovered "something" in the sea, appoximately 2 nautical miles away. At first we thought it could be divers or someone in distress, so we took up a heading, leading us over there.

To our big surprise we met a large numer of Dolphins! We have been cruising the Limfjord for years - and never seen dolphins there before.

My son Lasse took some photos and videos of the dolphins - there were around 10 individuals, as we cruised along with them.

After 10 minutes the dolphins took up the opposite heading, and left us. 

We are totally sure, they played with us - just look at the photos and video!

After the encounter, we decided to go to Jegindø Harbour to talk over this magnificant experience.

I uploaded some of the photos to af Facebook group called ( - and all hell broke loose.

This was the first time in 6000 years dolphins had been seen in the Limfjord - and we documented it.

Next day a camera team from danish TV2 came to Jegindø, to go on a cruise with us, making interviews etc.

Later that day, we hit the News - and suddenly was "world famous" in Denmark. 

People now call us The Dolphin Spotters ;-) 

Below, you see some of the photos taken by my son Lasse. 

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